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New Year's Eve at all our joints

Hello Friends We all have a New Year's Eve story. This is mine. What is yours? I always want to be at my cottage, no exceptions. I use it year round with family and very few loved ones are ever invited. It is quite the sacred place for me. I love it by myself to totally decompress and forget about everything.

One News Year that will live in infamy, moons and moons ago.

A story with me and others that will not be named.

We headed up north to my cottage, there was a group of us and a bunch of the guys had gone up before me as I was working. They had the key. First mistake.

Usually I would call ahead to the Caretaker/Security dude to let them know we were coming. I didn't. Second mistake.

The guys got inside no problem and were busying themselves rolling many many joints for the upcoming festivities. Shades not drawn. Third mistake.

Many many joints, we didn't drink much. To busy smoking many many joints. The caretaker didn't recognize the car that went by his house and went down to check it out. Good caretaker, I know. Don't come if your not invited. He peaks inside, sees no one he knows and calls the cops. Meanwhile, many joints being rolled.

I am still not there, First, second, third, and all the mistakes. I am so stupid.

Officer comes down, peaks inside and sees said joints and a mountain of pot and politely knocks on the door.

Everyone is shitting many many pants. He calmly explains the situation. Everyone is in a mountain of shit, or, one guy takes the fall.

A hero comes forward, you know who you are, we are forever grateful.

I am called, my parents are called. It was a great NYE.

Please, hero man, come eat my food with your family on me.

You do indeed have super human powers.

And for the rest of you reading this!!!!!

So many choices. My chefs are awesome and we have the food and or party you are looking for. Eat with us, eat on us or take it home. But whatever you do, call the caretaker first.

Hope you have a lovely New Year, Love Anthony

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